Mahabharata Podcast By Lawrence Manzo

Category: Religion & Myth


This podcast is both a re-telling and a conversation about the mighty epic the Mahabharata.

This series was originally published in a blog format, with each episode released about once a week.  This developed into a total of 100 episodes, covering every event in the epic from start to finish.  Any sections that I left out are mentioned, so this should effectively give you an idea what is in the entire, unabridged Mahabharata.


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Published by:

Thomas Manuel

Thomas Manuel is an award-winning playwright and journalist from Chennai, India. He works as a freelance journalist with by-lines at Lapham’s Quarterly, The Nib, The Wire, The Hindu, Huffington Post etc. His play, Hamlet and Angad, won the Hindu Playwright Award in 2016.

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