The Life of Science podcast

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The Life of Science is a science media platform currently focussed on women scientists in India. It took shape in 2016 as a pet project of two freelance science writers Aashima Dogra and Nandita Jayaraj, journaling biographies of women scientists they met while hopping across laboratories and research institutions in India. The Life of Science is a diary of experiences of women researchers in the country collected during interviews about their life and science.

The project is now gathering many more voices. It is trying to answer questions like: Who are the women researchers in India? What kind of work are they doing? What are their stories? Are there challenges?


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Published by:

Thomas Manuel

Thomas Manuel is an award-winning playwright and journalist from Chennai, India. He works as a freelance journalist with by-lines at Lapham’s Quarterly, The Nib, The Wire, The Hindu, Huffington Post etc. His play, Hamlet and Angad, won the Hindu Playwright Award in 2016.

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