Rum and Coke with Mayukh

Category: Talk Show


In this podcast, Mayukh continues pandering to his friends’ belief that Rum and Coke is his favorite beverage. While sipping on it, he engages in delightful conversations with his wife and co-host Lisa while their dog Hildi sleeps near their feet, often simply ignoring them. Mayukh is a scientist who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is originally from India and moved to the US for graduate studies and research in 2010. He often invites friends to his podcast and he is fascinated by how much he is yet to learn from them.


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Published by:

Thomas Manuel

Thomas Manuel is an award-winning playwright and journalist from Chennai, India. He works as a freelance journalist with by-lines at Lapham’s Quarterly, The Nib, The Wire, The Hindu, Huffington Post etc. His play, Hamlet and Angad, won the Hindu Playwright Award in 2016.

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